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  • Phone orders and queries: 08 8537 3086 or email us
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Orders and Delivery Terms

  • We deliver products within Australia only.
  • Orders are dispatched within 3-5 business days and shipping times are out of our control at present and can be up to 20+ business days depending on your location within Australia.
  • We will notify you within 2 business days if we are unable to dispatch your order.
  • Orders in multiples of 12 units (a carton) can be mixed except for the catering sizes.
  • Minimum order = 6 units.

Freight & Handling

  • Freight/handling is $15 per 5kg (1 Carton)
  • Extra costs include $7 for each extra 5kg or part there of up to 20kgs
  • We have been made aware that there are very lengthy postage delay issues due to COVID, especially throughout Victoria and NSW.
    Please be advised if you choose to still place an order, do so at your own risk as we unfortunately can’t take responsibly for any spoilt products due to these postage delays at present.
    We will change our policy on this issue as the postage situation improves. Alternatively, there may be a stockist near you, please check our stockist list.
  • The price is city to city, please contact us for freight costs to other locations.

 Payment Terms

  • Secure payments are available using PayPal and credit card.
  • All prices are $AUD.
  • Newman’s and F.C. Newman products are GST Exempt.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds are given if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.
  • Refunds will be given in compliance with SA consumer rights.

Orders Disclaimer

To the extent permitted by law,  B.J. MEAKINS PTY LTD (including any directly associated individual or organisation) will not under any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, special or other damages inflicted on an individual or organisation resulting from the use of this website.

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